Special Maternity Policy

Special Maternity Policy

The experience of motherhood is one of the most beautiful moments of life. However as in other health problems this moment needs hospitalization too and there are a number of expenses related to it. Some insurance companies in India have maternity policies to make this moment smooth and comfortable. According … Continue reading

Overseas Policy

Overseas Policy

A globally portable International health insurance is essential for Indians who reside abroad and travel abroad very often. Health insurance coverage anywhere in the world assures comprehensive health protection. Everyone has different needs and priorities for their health coverage. International health insurance a solution provider for insurance plans offers flexible … Continue reading

Mediclaim Online

With travel expenses increasing in our day to day life, the benefit of getting things done online is where technology has added an advantage to our lives. So to buying an insurance policies/plan and settling an insurance claim online has helped us from incurring unnecessary expenditure. Now why buy an … Continue reading

Diabetes Exclusive Policy

India has the highest number to diabetic patient in the world. The disease is very painful and costly too. Hence there are different companies that offer exclusive diabetes policy solution to meet the cost of treatment and hospitalization. Mediclaim is such a company that offers solution to choose the best … Continue reading

Low Cost Policy

With the health risk increasing in India and the sky rocketing price of treatment related to different disease, it has become essential for a health insurance and yet at an affordable price. This is because the maximum population of India or the so called common man cannot afford a exorbitant … Continue reading

Claim Assistance

Claim assistance is a kind of help given by a third party to file the claims and materializing the benefits from the insurance company. The person assisting in filing the claim is a local representative of the insurance company. This representative is responsible for investigating the specific details of the … Continue reading

Claim Procedure

Medical or health insurance helps our family from falling into any financial crisis due to medical emergency. These policies cover the medical and hospitalization expenses of the insured person during the treatment period and his dependents after his death. Accordingly there are different procedures to claim the expenses. 1. Cashless … Continue reading

Medical Policy Settlement

Health expenses have become a concern for most Indian families now- a-days. This is because at times it covers 75% of annual income. This is the reason insurance companies in India and also the Indian government has been promoting health coverage/ Health Insurance. Mediclaim is the expenses covered or meted … Continue reading