Diabetes Exclusive Policy

India has the highest number to diabetic patient in the world. The disease is very painful and costly too. Hence there are different companies that offer exclusive diabetes policy solution to meet the cost of treatment and hospitalization. Mediclaim is such a company that offers solution to choose the best insurers that offer various policies related to the information provided by the insured or the patient.

Diabetes Exclusive Policy This insurance is for persons who already suffer from diabetes. The diabetic condition can be categories according to the complications that the patient may develop with time. They are:

1. Diabetic Retinopathy

2. Diabetic Nephropathy

3. Diabetic foot ulcer.

Any person between the age of 25 and 65 can avail this insurance and according to health insurance of India, renewals are accepted uptil the age of 70.

The policy responds by paying for the cost of:

1. Laser treatment to treat Diabetic Retinopathy

2. Diabetic Nephropathy which may lead to renal failure.

3. Micro vascular surgical correction required for diabetic ulcer.

Hospitalization cover: This would protect the insured person for in-patient hospitalization for a minimum of 24 hours. However in the case the patient has to undergo dialysis or laser treatment this minimum 24hours will not apply.

The other expenses that the insurance company will cover are;

· Boarding and room charges at 2% the sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs.2500 per day in ‘A’ class cities and Rs.1250 per day at other locations.

· Nursing expenses.

· Surgeon’s fee, consultant’s fee and Anesthetist fee.

· Cost of blood, oxygen, diagnostic expenses.

· Cost of medicine and drugs.

The policy covers the cost of treatment up to the limit provided. The insured sum may vary from Rs.50000 to Rs.500, 000 according to the age of a person and so too the premium rate. The premium rate varies in between Rs.800 to 10000.

Each insurance company also have their own terms and condition to which the insured has to adhere to avail the benefits of the policy. For example: A) every communication should be delivered in writing. B) Organ transplantation should satisfy the requirement ‘Transplantation of organ act 1994’. C) Premium should be paid in the official form. D) The insured person should furnish the original bills and document upon which a claim is based. E) A doctor authorized by the company should be allowed to examine the insured person.

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