star health Star health is an exclusive health insurance company in India promoting and protecting health with a 24hour helpline service, cashless hospitalization facility. Free general physician’s advice. Unlimited free outpatient consultation for a small premium. No medical examination for insurance proposal up to the age of 50. In addition to all the above facility a quick and hassle free claim settlement in provided by the company itself without the involvement of any third party. It has about 4600 hospitals within its network where the insured can avail treatment.

The company has a number of insurance policies catering to needs of the Indian citizens like:

Medi-classic insurance policy aims at providing reimbursement of hospitalization expenses incurred as result of illness, disease and/or accidental injuries. Under this policy every insured above the age of 50 would have to under a compulsory check up at the cost of the company. The pre- existing illnesses are covered only after 48 months of continuous insurance with the company.

The policy benefits are: hospitalization covers @ 2% of the sum insured for boarding or a maximum of Rs.4000. It also covers the expenses of nursing, medicine, doctors and consultants fee. Ambulances charges @ Rs.750 which can be extended to a maximum of Rs.1500. Pre and post hospitalization charges at about 7% of the sum insured or a maximum of Rs.5000.

The insured gets a discount of 5% to 25% in premium charges for every claim free year.

The Star Unique health policy covers both pre-existing disease and diseases/illness that may crop up in future. No medical examination is necessary to get insured for this policy. Under this policy the HIV and AIDS patients are also covered.

Star health’s Diabetes care plan covers patients suffering from diabetes Mellitus type II. Diabetic patients (except those who have reached the last stage like severe ulceration of foot or renal failure) from the age of 26 to 65 can get insured under this plan. Along with regular treatment coverage is offered for specific conditions like ‘Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Nephropathy and Diabetic foot ulcer.

Start health wedding gift plan covers the maternity expenses of the insured for the first child only. It covers hospitalization and expenses related to the delivery of the new born, both pre & post delivery expenses.

Senior citizen red carpet plan is for people between the age of 60 and 69 and can be renewed after 69.

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