Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Bajaj Allianz presents the widest array of health insurance plans.

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance The Individual Health Guard policy takes care of the hospitalization expenses and offers a wide coverage for pre and post hospitalization expenses of the insured. Under this plan this is the first company to offer a sum insured of 10lacs. The entry level age for this policy is between 3month and 55years. For sum insured from 1lac to 5lac the entry age varies from 56months to 65yrs. and can be renewed up to the age of 80.

Health Ensure policy offers health protection to the insured and his family at an affordable premium and sum insured. The proposer can get insured at Rs.50000, 75000 and 1lac. At an affordable sum insured the individual gets the benefit of 2% hospitalization expenses towards both pre & post hospitalization.

Extra Care is a unique policy that allows the insured to extend his/her existing health insurance cover. This is a floater policy with a single sum insured and single premium for a whole family. The premium charges are quite cheap compared to the sum insured. It’s only Rs.2500 per annum for a sum insured of 10, 12 or 15lacs.It can be taken as an add on policy with some other insurance policy.

Family Floater Health guard is a perfect health protection for an entire family. It takes care of the expensive medical treatment incurred during hospitalization resulting from serious illness/accident. For a sum insured of Rs.2lac to 10lac can be opted from 3 months to 55yrs and that for 1lac to 5lacs can be opted from 56yrs. to 65yrs.

Critical illness health insurance plans covers the expenses if the insured is diagnosed of any serious illness. The company extends a lump sum amount in advance for the treatment. The sum given is sufficient to meet the expenses of the donor in transplant surgery whether in India or abroad.

Star package health insurance covers a family’s hospital cash, health, critical illness, personal accident, education grant, householders’ content, travel baggage and public liability.

Personal guard is a policy that supports the insured person’s family in case of some accidental death, if he is the bread winner of the family.

Tax Gain is a family floater health policy which covers the outpatient expenses and hospitalization expenses along with tax benefits.

Silver plan is for senior citizen.

Claims are handled by the company directly.

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