ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard ICICI Lombard is one of the largest general insurance companies in the country. In the form of health insurance it provides different types of mediclaim policies. The most common and preferred policy is the ‘Family floater health insurance policy’. It is a comprehensive policy that ensures financial security to the insured family during sudden illness, surgery and accident as well as against terrorist activities. The plan lets the family share the entire sum insured without any individual upper limits which means –suppose the sum insured is 4lacs, then if any of the members in the insured person’s family requires to be hospitalized, he/she can use the sum insured and the reimbursed amount remains the same each and every member of the family and does not vary as in individual mediclaim policy of other insurance company.

The key benefits that the policy offers are:

· Cashless claim facility at over 4000 network hospital across India

· Quality service even during claim settlement through ICICI Lombard’s health care, their own in-house claim processing and wellness team.

· No sub-limits in case of room rent, doctors fees and hospital charges for any disease excepting cataract (which is Rs.20, 000 per eye.

· The insured need not make any co-payments.

· The entire family can avail free health checkups during the policy period through a health checkup coupon.

The monthly premium amount ranges from as less as Rs.326 to Rs.2, 180 for a sum insured varying from 2lacs to 4lacs for a period of one year. While for a period of two years it varies from Rs.587 to Rs.4, 359. The age of the senior most member in the family should not be more than 60yrs. and not less than 18yrs.

The ‘Health advantage plus’ is a policy that covers the outpatient expenses like diagnostic test, dental treatment, medical bills, ambulance charges etc. of the insured and gives him tax benefits under this policy. The maximum age limit for this policy is 65yrs. and only a maximum of two adults can be covered under a single policy. The proposer needs to be above the age of 18yrs. and cannot avail free health check up to the age of 45.

Critical care insurance policy’ coverage is worldwide though the premium can be paid in Indian Rupees. It offers financial support of the entire sum to cope with life style after a critical illness.

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