Apollo Munich

Apollo Munich Apollo Munich is ranked the second best insurance company in India. Among all its insurance plans it has a mediclaim policy to cater to needs of individual and families in times of sudden illness or mishaps. All their plans come with 100% lifelong renewal, cashless access to about 10,000 doctors and 4500 hospitals in about 800 cities, tax deduction benefits, health care and health insurance expertise and a hassle free and quick claim settlement.

One can choose from the two plans: ’Individual plan’ and ‘Family plan’.

Under the ‘Individual plan’ a person can insure himself for a sum of 1.5lacs at a premium rate as less as Rs.1, 587 and avail the expenses of hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization, 140days daycare procedures, domiciliary treatment, daily cash, expenses of organ donor, emergency ambulance and regular health checkups.

The insured can cover his family members at a sum insured from 3lacs to 7.5lacs meant for a family where all the members are young, with a premium charge of Rs.4, 095. The additional advantage of this policy is that maternity expenses covering new born, day cash for accompanying insured child and expenses for critical illness are also extended.

The ‘Premium plan’ at a sum insured from 4lacs to 10lacs at a premium of Rs.6, 300 covers an individuals family both young and old and therefore the facility of dental and eye care is also available.

Apart from these above plans an individual or a family can choose ‘comprehensive plan’ for day to day trivial sickness at a sum insured of only 3lacs. This covers the expenses for ailments like chapped toes, allergies, running nose etc. The premium rate of course is a bit high at Rs.12, 682.

The ‘Family plans’ also comes under the same heading starting from 2lacs and extending up to 10lacs with the premium ranging from Rs.3.963 to Rs.7,571.A bonus of 10% for every claim free year if the accumulated sum reaches 50%. The benefit of a family plan is that the daily cash expenses and ambulance charges are higher at Rs.2000. This can be extended to Rs.9000 if the insured sum is 5lacs and the maximum limit for a sum insured of 7.5lacs is Rs.15000. Additional coverage for critical illness is also available. The scope of a family insurance plan is wider. The expenses for every little health aids like spectacles hearing aid etc. are also covered.

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