Mediclaim For Employees

The employers generally buy Mediclaim for the employees from the insurance provider in order to offer a large number of benefits to their employees. Employers mainly consider on offering his employees something necessary and important and in their list of benefits, mediclaim is considered as the most essential and important benefits available from the employers. Nowadays, mediclaim has become an important part of the health insurance and since the cost of the medical emergencies are soaring high day by day, the mediclaim policy has become all the more necessary. The employers offer various kinds health and medical benefits to their employees in the form of group medical cover or the mediclaim cover for employees. Mediclaim For Employees

Group mediclaim policy or the mediclaim policy for a group of employee covers reimbursement of hospitalization expenses incurred for sickness, diseases and accidental injuries. Apart from these, such mediclaim policies also offers comprehensive coverage to pre and post hospitalization expenses up to 30 days prior and 60 days after hospitalization. Additional benefits such as maternity cover can be added with basic policy on payment of extra premium. However, the area of coverage encompassed by the mediclaim policy differs from one company to another.

However, there is a misconception that the group mediclaim or the mediclaim policies intended for the employees is not enough for health care needs, it does not provide comprehensive coverage to all healthcare needs but it is equally true that the required coverage is always available under this policy. If you want to be protected from both sides, the best and smart decision will be to opt for both the individual as well as the group mediclaim policy. While one cover you from the required amount of expenses, the other will offer coverage for those which has not been provided by the former. This is affordable because for employee mediclaim you do not need to carry out the expenses of the premium, because that will be paid by your employer.

Group Mediclaim policy comes with a huge discount depending on the size of the group. As large as the group size will, the higher will be the discount is available.

Mostly, the group Mediclaim policies are offered by corporate body, institutions, association or any homogeneous groups. The minimum coverage is Rs.15, 000/- and the maximum is Rs.5, 00,000/-. The premium of the mediclaim policies depends upon the age of the employee and sum insured. The age limit of the group mediclaim policy or the mediclaim policy for the employee is 5 years to 80 years and children above 3 months can be covered, if one or both parents are covered concurrently.

Today, there are various insurance companies are providing group plans. Check out and gather as many information about the coverage and premium cost. Ask directly to the employer if necessary, for such details. Sometimes the insurance companies ask to pay higher premiums to their customers after issuing policies. Hence, it is highly recommended to make a thorough research before you sign the contract.

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