Group Insurance

Group insurance refers to a special kind of health care insurance plan in which individual employees or a group of employee is covered under one ‘master policy’. The employer purchases such kind of group insurance for his employees. The best part of the group insurance plan is that, it has … Continue reading

Cashless Mediclaim Policy For Family

Cashless Mediclaim policies nowadays are available for the entire family. It offers comprehensive medical coverage to all the family members under the same policy. Generally, the term family implies one self, one’s spouse and dependent children. Dependent children refer to those kids who are dependent on their parents’ income. The … Continue reading

Online Mediclaim Policy

Online mediclaim policy is a special kind of health Insurance coverage, which allows you to claim any of your health related hospitalization bills from the insurance provider via internet. Under the coverage of the online mediclaim policy, you can make your claims by two processes: first, by cashless facility i.e … Continue reading

Maturing Insurance Policy

Perhaps getting an insurance policy is the best possible way to protect yourself from unexpected financial strain, which may crop up at any phase of your life. A lot of people across the world are relying on different kinds of insurance policy is order to evade heavy financial losses. However, … Continue reading

Mediclaim Portability

With the introduction of Mediclaim portability all over India, the Medical policyholders with IRDA or those who are enjoying the facility of Mediclaim can use the insurance policy with due convenience. The mediclaim portability will help the customer by providing the opportunity to find an insurance carrier, which, can appropriately … Continue reading

What Is Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is a kind of health insurance options available to United States citizens. Typically, private health insurance is of two types, whuch includes health care and indemnity health plans. With these plans, you have the opportunity to decide, whether you will go for health coverage at a reasonable … Continue reading

How To Plan Your Insurance

Planning insurance is an important part of financial planning. Therefore, a smart idea is always to begin a systematic planning of your life insurance. First of all, you should know that life insurance is the best way to begin building an estate. While planning your insurance, you must have a … Continue reading