ICICI Lombard Mediclaim Policy

ICICI Lombard Mediclaim PolicyICICI Lombard is one of the largest general insurance companies in the country. ICICI prudential provides life insurance where as ICICI Lombard provides general insurance in the form of health insurance, motor vehicles insurance, home insurance etc. Under the Mediclaim policies ICICI Lombard provides several types of Mediclaim insurance policies. They have floating family policies and the cashless Mediclaim policies as well.

The floating family insurance plan covers the entire family insurance for a fixed amount. With the recent growing threat of terrorism all other the world. The ICICI Lombard policies also provide insurance cover against terrorism or any act arising out of terrorism. The family floater health plan thus provides cover for any medical expenses incurred during the case of illness, surgery, accident and also against acts of terrorism. The family floater health plan can also let you avail tax benefits for the same under section 80D. Then there is the health advantage plus plan which can also be taken for medical cover by the insurer. Here the policy duration is one year and the sum insured for may be two lakh rupees or three lakh rupees.


ICICI Lombard Mediclaim PolicyThen ICICI Lombard also provides cashless Mediclaim policies. If you are interested in the Mediclaim policies of the company then you can go through the web site of Icici Lombard insurance company which will give you the information regarding the insurance plans. The web site of ICICI Lombard is

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