Lifeline Wellness Plan

Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited

Another health insurance policy that Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited has come up with is the Lifeline Wellness Plan.

The SALIENT FEATURES of this plan are:

· There is a 5-year guarantee on the premium payable

· Coverage tenure of up to 20 years

· Coverage for 10 critical illnesses

· Cancer

· Coma

· Kidney Failure

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Heart Attack

· Paralysis/paraplegia

· Stroke

· Major organ transplant

· Coronary artery bypass surgery

· Heart valve surgery

· On the happening of any of the events given above and if it is confirmed by a registered medical practitioner, the life insured has survived for at least 28 days after the happening of the insured event and the claim documents have been submitted within 60 days from the date of the happening, the company will pay 100% of sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs.20 lacs

· Waiting period is 180 days from policy commencement


· Minimum entry age is 18 years

· Maximum entry age is 60 years

· Policy term options are 10/15/20 years

· Maximum age at maturity can be 75 years


The benefits are converted into units from 1 to 10 and one unit can be chosen at the time of opting for the policy.But oncethe unit is chosen and the policy is in effect, the unit option cannot be changed. The sum insured against those units are as under:

No. of units











SI (in lacs)












No benefits under this policy are payable in case of any of the following:

· Any pre-existing condition

· Any insured event happening within the first 180 days of the effective date and within 90 days of the date of revival of the policy, except a critical illness which occurs from or is caused as a result of an injury

· Opportunistic diseases associated with AIDS or HIV infections

· Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self inflicted injury

· Influence of drugs or alcohol

· War invasion, civil war, riots or any warlike operations

· Participation in criminal or unlawful act

· Service in the military/para-military, naval, air forces or police organizations of any country in a state of war

· Participation in any flying activity other than as a bonafide passenger in a licensed aircraft

· Engaging in or taking part in professional sport or any hazardous pursuits

· Exposure to radioactive, explosive or hazardous nature of nuclear fuel materials

· Failure to seek or follow medical advice

· Any congenital conditions

· Any pre-malignant tumors, polyps or carcinoma-in-situ of any organ

· Pregnancy or childbirth or complications arising therefrom

The policies of Max New York Life Insurance can be purchased online through or they can be called on their toll free number 1800-180-5577

The BENEFITS of buying a health insurance plan from Max New York Life are:

· Cashless hospitalization

· Tie up with over 4000 hospitals across the country

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