Lifeline Medi-Cash Plan

Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited

Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Max India Limited, one of India’s leading multi-business corporations and New York Life International, a Fortune 100 company. One of the health insurance plans that Max New York Life has come up with is the Lifeline Medi-cash plan.

The SALIENT FEATURES of this plan are:

· There is a 5-year guarantee on the premium payable

· Guaranteed long term coverage for 10 years subject to premium paid by the policyholder

· Medi cash covers a policyholder for 50 days in any policy year and 250 days through the term of the policy. So a policyholder can claim for cover any number of times within these limits

· A 20% discount is offered from the 6th year onwards if the first 5 years have been claim free


· Minimum entry age is 18 years

· Maximum entry age is 55 years

· Policy term is 10 years

· Maximum age at maturity can be 65 years


Max New York Life gives units against the premium paid towards the health insurance policy. These units are a representation of a collective set of benefits that the policyholder proposes for the policy. The benefits against those units are as under:







Daily Hospital Cash Benefit






Daily ICU Cash Benefit






Recuperating Cash Benefit (Lump sum)






Annual Limit

50 days of hospitalization

50 days of hospitalization

50 days of hospitalization

50 days of hospitalization

50 days of hospitalization

Policy Term Limit

250 days of hospitalization

250 days of hospitalization

250 days of hospitalization

250 days of hospitalization

250 days of hospitalization


No benefits under this policy are payable if there is an admission into a hospital in respect of the following:

· For treatment of a pre-existing condition within 90 days from the effective date of the policy

· For treatment of surgery purely for the purpose of routine examination, preventive medical check up, vaccinations, diagnosis, screening and investigations

· For treatment for any psychiatric, mental or nervous condition

· For dental treatment, supply or fitting of eyeglasses or hearing aids, LASIK, Phakik Intra Ocular Lens implants or any other procedures carried out for purpose of correcting refractive errors

· For pregnancy and childbirth, pregnancy complications such as toxaemia, abortion, contraceptive measures and fertility tests

· For treatment of infertility or of a sexually transmitted disease

· Cosmetic or plastic surgery except where such surgery is medically necessary for treatment of an injury

· For sex change operation

· For an organ transplant procedure, where the life insured himself/herself acts as a donor

· Purely for convalescent care, rest care, rehabilitation

· Where treatment or surgical procedure is not undertaken or carried out by a registered medical practitioner

· Outside India

No benefits will be payable if the insured event occurs due to one of the following reasons:

· Opportunistic diseases associated with AIDS or HIV infections

· Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self inflicted injury

· Influence of drugs or alcohol

· War invasion, civil war, riots or any warlike operations

· Participation in criminal or unlawful act

· Service in the military/para-military, naval, air forces or police organizations of any country in a state of war

· Participation in any flying activity other than as a bonafide passenger in a licensed aircraft

· Engaging in or taking part in professional sport or any hazardous pursuits

· Exposure to radioactive, explosive or hazardous nature of nuclear fuel materials

The policies of Max New York Life Insurance can be purchased online through or they can be called on their toll free number 1800-180-5577

The BENEFITS of buying a health insurance plan from Max New York Life are:

· Cashless hospitalization

· Tie up with over 4000 hospitals across the country

· Fixed daily hospitalization benefit available irrespective of amount of actual billing

· Benefits are payable along with any other health insurance policy that the policyholder may have with Max New York Life or any other insurance company

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